What’s New with Cafe Egao?

Everytime I pass by Nasipit, Talamban and see the sign, Cafe Egao, it always brings a smile on my face 🙂 It was five years ago when I visited the cafe around 11 in the evening with my best friend / foodtrip buddy out of curiosity of this cute Japanese cafe. We tried their mushroom soup, Egaoyaki and Iced Coffee with cookies which we both liked. I can still remember the cheerful lady who entertained us the whole time making us feel at home in her sweet little nook.


Only recently, a friend invited me to Cafe Egao and noticed a lot of changes in the place. They now have a bar and restaurant which was opened last May 2017 and they added some delicious meals and drinks in the menu.

Cafe opens from 10AM – 12 Midnight


Bar and Restaurant opens from 10AM – 2AM


Monday and Thursday: Music Nuts

Tuesday : Click on Band

Wednesday Night : Egao Latin Band

Friday : The Revenant Band

Saturday : Wet string Band

Sunday : Egao Jazz Band





The food in the menu they’re offering are a fusion of Japanese, Filipino and French tastes and they prepare their coffee traditionally — roasting coffee beans manually.


World Coffee – Php 110


Anmitsu – Php110
Iced Coffee Float – Php110


Strawberry Kakigouri – Php110



Zarusoba – Php150


Yakisoba – Php150


Soumen – Php150


Okonomiyaki – Php150


Mushroom Spaghetti – Php150


Hot Tempura – Php150


Egaoyaki – Php150


Curry & Rice – Php150


French Toast – Php150


Beef Soboro – Php150


Baked Curry – Php150


Aglio Oglio Peperoncino – Php150


I’ve met Ms. Tess, the cheerful lady from my first visit and she still remained the sweetest and amiable person I’ve met five years ago.

True to her cafe that she managed, Cafe Egao means SMILE. She wants that what they’re offering in the cafe/bar & restaurant will make every guest smile and bring home a piece of that happiness wherever they go. Indeed, throughout my stay in the cafe has put me in my best mood. And that’s a rarity nowadays 🙂

So if you happen to swing by Talamban or you’re looking for something new, check CAFE EGAO and for sure you’ll be smiling all day 🙂



Location: Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu City (few blocks from USC-TC)

Store Hours:

Cafe opens from 10AM – 12 Midnight

Bar and Restaurant opens from 10AM – 2AM

Call (032) 479 9286

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cafeegao/


*** Note: Thanks Ms. Tess Raguro for providing the photos 🙂

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