Banapple’s Pop Up Bakeshop Now Baking in Ayala

Finally, Banapple just recently opened its pop up bakeshop at level 3 Ayala Center Cebu serving customers freshly-baked pies, cheesecakes and desserts.


The bakeshop has an enticing display of different cheesecakes that simply give you a sugar high in every bite and several pies perfect for a quick snacking while you’re malling with family and friends.



Banapple started out as a home-based kitchen in Quezon City which catered only to close friends and family then their market grew which made them open several branches in Manila and now here in Cebu.

Banapple got its name from (banana + apple) — main ingredients of the banoffee pie and the apple caramel crumble pie, which happened to be the bakeshop’s two early best-sellers.

They also serve delicious home-cooked style hot meals, sandwiches, pastas and pancakes in their Manila branches and soon here in their Cebu pop up bakeshop.

I got curious with the bakeshop since my friend was raving about it with excitement when we met up few days ago in Ayala. So I indulged my friend and accompanied her on a quick food trail with some of their treats.

Banapple Snicker Fudge Cheesecake (150Php)


Banapple Pecan Pie


Banapple Creamy Chicken Pie – hands down the best! (65Php)


Their cheesecakes are just too sweet for my taste but I’ll try the rest of their desserts on my next visit. What I can’t get over is their creamy chicken pie, it’s better than what I usually have in another bakeshop and for sure I’ll be coming back for more and their tuna pie, too 🙂


So if you’re in for a sweet treat, try Banapple in Ayala Center and I’m sure you’ll find your own favorite from the array of desserts and pies they serve 🙂



Location: level 3 Ayala Center Cebu

Store Hours: Mall hours



Use their tags in your visit: #madewithlove #yourneighborhood #banapplelove

2 Replies to “Banapple’s Pop Up Bakeshop Now Baking in Ayala”

  1. Are they still in Ayala as of this week? I am planning to try their cheesecake 🙂

    1. The pop-up bakeshop is still available in Ayala 🙂
      If you want a full spread of their menu, you may
      try their newly-opened restaurant in Block 11,
      Garden Row, IT Park, Lahug (032 4106598) 🙂

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