World Vision Run 2017: A Fulfilling and Joyous Run for Cebuanos 

Over 1,000 Cebuanos participated in the annual World Vision Run last July 16, Sunday, held at the Cebu Business Park. This is in celebration of the organization’s 60th anniversary of “Caring for Children and Building Sustainable Communities.”

In line with its 60th anniversary theme, World Vision Run 2017 aims provide livelihood projects in a community in Sogod, Cebu. It also aims to raise awareness and support to its recently launched advocacy campaign –  It Takes a World to End Sexual Exploitation of Children – wherein they empower parents, caregivers and children, support front liners, rescue operations and legal interventions, and support safe shelters and reintegration programs for rescued children.

Joining the run were World Vision Ambassador Gelli Victor and Cebu-Based radio jock Jiggy Cerna (Jiggy Jr. of Y101FM) who hosted the gun-start program. Participating in the 5K category were Gelli Victor along with multimedia host Joyce Pring while running in the 10K category were, artist Quest and TV host Gretchen Ho.

Radio DJ Joyce Pring leads the gun start for the 10k category of the World Vision Run 2017


Right after the gun-start for the last category, which was the Kiddie Dash, Joyce Pring and Gretchen Ho took over to host the awarding ceremony. Kicking-off the program was an energizing pop-medley number from the Perkins Twins – Jesse and Christian Perkins.


Radio Personality Gelli Victor joins her daughter for the Kiddie Dash


Children run the Kiddie Dash at the World Vision Run 2017


The finishers were then greeted with words of hope from World Vision Philippines’ newly appointed National Director, Mr. Rommel Fuerte, who expressed his deepest gratitude to those who participated. “Your support today with World Vision will truly make a difference. We’re doing this not just to improve our lifestyles and be healthy but also to raise awareness on issues affecting children,” shared Fuerte. Following Fuerte was urban storyteller and hit maker, Quest who sang Dati and Sige Lang.

Urban storyteller and rapper, Quest, energizes the crowd

Gretchen Ho, besides hosting, received an award for 3rd place in the 10k female category. Claiming the first place in the 21k male and female category, respectively, were Noel Tilor (1:30:30) and Lovely Andrin (1:42:33), followed by 2nd place winner Jong Tae Hwang (1:35:12) and Yshy Losbaños (1:55:56), and closing the gap in 3rd place were Aldrin Pasumala (1:36:11) and El Marie Albeos (2:04:59).

Gretchen Ho’s podium finish as she bags the 3rd place in the 10k female category

Other list of winners are as follows:

Place Time Bib Number Name
3rd Place 12:42 2770 Paniza, Kent Anthony
2nd Place 12:22 2840 Nibrel, John Niño
1st Place 12:12 2601 Villarba, Ernesto
Place Time Bib Number Name
3rd Place 16:15 2714 Cañete, Jeanna
2nd Place 15:00 2899 Besabelle, Glyzza
1st Place 14:07 2743 Erediano, Moira
Place Time Bib Number Name
3rd Place 21:33 2187 Cañada, Marvin
2nd Place 20:46 2044 Debolosan, John Cliff
1st Place 20:14 1873 Corbin, Renz Wynn
Place Time Bib Number Name
3rd Place 24:40 1851 Del Rosario, Nicole
2nd Place 22:34 1876 Manayon, Karen
1st Place 21:41 2088 Saballa, Geniezel
Place Time Bib Number Name
3rd Place 47:09 1217 Brenan, Mattew
2nd Place 46:36 1218 Francis, Ian
1st Place 40:35 1150 Selma, Klint
Place Time Bib Number Name
3rd Place 58:11 ­1001 Ho, Gretchen
2nd Place 56:34 1199 Casquejo, Jelly Rose
1st Place 46:46 1197 Garrucho, Reah Mae


The day ended with a sense of fulfilment, with every sweat dropped going a long way in helping children and their communities. Considering this is the first time the event was held in Cebu, everyone left pumped up wishing for a repeat next year.

Companies send their employees to support World Vision Run 2017

To join or know more about the World Vision, you can visit, follow us on Facebook, or call World Vision hotline number 372-77-77.



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