Make a Kid Smile: Oppra Elementary School

Surprised the Grade 1 – Humility kids of Ella with school stuff and snacks last week as my way of spreading beads of gratitude to what I have been blessed with.

While on leave from teaching, I had some things from school that can help these kids a lot in their studies so decided to share them rather than having them in my closet when it’s supposed to be used and enjoyed.

Thought of this after spending a couple of days with the elementary kids in two division schools and it broke my heart seeing what they need for school. I don’t have a lot to give but I need to do something. So I gathered all the things I had from previous school years and good thing I had enough for my first batch of kids.

Definitely this won’t be the last group I’m going to visit. To my friends who are teachers, don’t worry, I’ll visit you soon 

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