Video Bytes Series: Launching of Convergys Hugyaw 2017

Convergys recently launched HUGYAW 2017: the biggest BPO event in Cebu. Hugyaw is a month-long program for Convergys’ 13,000 Cebu employees where all 8 sites: Cebu 1, 2, i2, Cebu i3, Cebu 5, Banawa, Cebu JCentre and TGUcome together to celebrate and showcase the diverse talents of its people through a sports festival (basketball for men and mixed volleyball), Short Film Festival which highlights the values of Convergys, song and dance competitions, the second-run of Queen of Hugyaw (a celebration of diversity in the workplace), an outreach program, BrigadaEskwela and the Culminating Day on May 28 which highlights the event.

Here are the short clips as they unveil the biggest BPO event in Cebu! 🙂

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