The Last Woman Running with Her Patrol Men

Photo Credit: Ms. Christine of Cebu Parklane International Hotel


Finishing last on my 2nd 21KM stint is not so bad when you see and hear people you don’t even know cheering for you at the end of the line… but it would’ve been sweeter if you were there too at the finish line waiting for me ☺️

Hope in my next run, the right person will be there smiling at me then seal my good finish with one sweet kiss ?❤️


My 2nd 21KM Adventure
All geared up!
21 KM Route
Thanks Cebu Parklane International Hotel! 🙂
Giving up is never an option! Finally I’ve made it!
Because I can run not even rain nor pain can stop me!


Thank you Lord and Beatles for making me finish the race. Thanks Cebu Parklane International Hotel for the whole Hunat Sugbu 5 experience.

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