Fangirl Moment: When Reality and Dreams “Collide”

I was sitting on second row enjoying Daniel Matsunaga singing his songs while the crowd was shrieking with excitement and admiration over him. Then suddenly he passed right infront of me touching my knee and I froze as I looked up and watched him approach his fans behind me. I didn’t even seek for his attention because I was so shy (believe me LOLS).

In one swift moment, he looked down and stared at me smiling and singing Collide. Aysus! Makalanay jud hahaha! The next thing I knew, he sat beside me and took my arm and let it wrap around his. I can feel him so close to me as if serenading me. Everyone was screaming which woke me up from a daze and instantly had my phone ready for a selfie. Pagka nalang jud ako phone ni semi-hang, I begged him to wait hahahaha!

God really heard my plea and finally got this sweet memory captured! That was the time I felt so KILIG! Lols

Thanks again Daniel for making me feel a teen once again. Truly, reality and dreams collide today ?

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