What Warmed My Heart Today

Right after our Math exam with my third graders, I was a bit anxious to take my break since I skipped breakfast but I had to finish some paperwork. Then one of my kids asked, “Miss do you like ice cream?”

I wasn’t thinking clearly and automatically told him I do while I was busy with some files.

To my surprise this cup of vanilla ice cream is “smiling” at me.

“What’s this?” Still absentmindedly asking him.

“Imo na Miss, I bought it for you. Wala pa Ka nag-recess.” (That’s yours, Miss. I bought it for you because you haven’t eaten yet.)

Awwww I was speechless of my kid’s thoughtfulness.

This is one of the perks of being a teacher to little kids. They have a sweet way of thanking you for the work you’ve done. It sure feels great to be pampered for a change 🙂

Thanks so much John Benedict for making me feel special today 🙂

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