Unlimited Chicken at Burrows for Php199! :-)

Ground Flr., Tsai Hotel & Residences, Wilson St., Lahug, Cebu City


From topleft to bottom right:

Asian BBQ
Mild Teriyaki
4 dips available – Red-chili sauce Yellow-Honey Mustard White-Sour Cream Black-BBQ
Chili Sauce

When you avail their Unlimited Wings, they’ll give you by batches/flavors.

1 serving of 4 pcs of the chicken wing parts, 1 cup rice (unlimited) then you have to finish
the chicken serving before you ask for the other flavors.

As for the dip, add ten pesos/dip.

If you don’t go for their unlimited wings, one serving is equal to 4 pcs with rice but you are only
allowed to have one flavor only.


My take on their chicken:

Super hot hot hot ila chili wings DMD hahahaha!

So far, there’s no distinct flavor to their BBQ variant
but the chicken is good… IMO, honey mustard is
their best dip and sour cream comes second.

Their teriyaki is just a-ok and their classic flavor is
good. These two flavors are best paired with sour
cream and honey mustard dip 

The key to their unli chicken is only eat one serving
of rice and stick to water hehehe

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