A Noob Runner’s Story: My First KM23

Last Saturday afternoon, out of the blue, I agreed to join the Dagan Caritas runners of Cebu for a long distance run and walk adventure from JY to Governor Leyson Peak. I don’t know what came over me because everytime one of the members would invite me, I always make up some alibis or tell them I’m busy.

So Sunday came in an ungodly hour at 2 AM, I met up with the DC runners from istorya.net: Vanski, Irene, Indie and Fioretti and a couple of newbies namely: CD and Molly at McDonald’s JY.

I tried to hide my fear and anxiety as I tried to joke around while waiting for the others. I doubted if I can muster up some strength to sustain such distance when I never had any formal training to such activity. Well I comforted myself with the idea that my five months stint in the gym and dance class will help me get through the day.

So we started our walk and run adventure from JY around 3:29 AM heading up to Busay and had our first stop at Tops Skyline.


Before we headed our way to Ayala Heights, we had water break and ate bibingka to fill us up just a bit since we’ve been walking and running for nearly four hours.

10-peso Bibingka


Then our “director,” Indie suggested that we use our extra time for some fun photo shoot. The order of the day was jump shots right in the middle of the road oblivious to the incoming vehicles coming our way. LOLs

Photo Credit: Indie Shoegazer

After a couple of kilometers, we reached our first destination, the posh Ayala Heights Cebu. We arrived at the area at 7:23 AM and documented our achievement with group shots.

From left: Fioretti, Vanski, Beyee, Irene, CD, Molly and Indie


In between, I also took some selfie shots for remembrance of my first achievement as a newbie on the road.


Finally we walked and ran along Transcentral Highway and made our final stop at Governor Leyson’s Peak in Brgy Taptap around 8:40 AM. The path was so crucial because I started to feel tired and wanted to stop in the middle of the road but Vanski was so PATIENT in encouraging me not to give up. So we had to make several stops and talk just about anything. Little did I know, it was his strategy to make me forget about the distance and he let me go on and on with the whole conversation until we reached the top! Nice one, Van hehehe :-)

We stopped over at Cafe Bayer and the breath taking view greeted us and I was simply out of words at that moment. CD and Irene showed me the path we took in order to get to our destination and I was overwhelmed with the long and winding road.

My View from Governor Leyson’s Peak in Brgy Taptap


After some pictures taken using the view as our backdrop, we walked a few meters and looked for a place to eat. On our way, we passed by men roasting a pig and we got too excited for some sinful foodtrip but the lechon baboy isn’t cooked yet.


So we stopped by another store and ordered puso, dinuguan, adobo baboy and Mountain Dew for our late breakfast.

Puso (Hanging Rice) and Dinuguan


Adobong Baboy


Afterwards, we walked another couple of kilometers heading back while waiting for a vacant V-Hire or habal-habal (motorcycle). While walking, I didn’t pass up the chance to have my picture taken with my “special trophy” marking my first 23 kilometer run and walk adventure.

There was no available 23KM post so we decided to use this one instead. (Photo Credit: Indie Shoegazer)


The drizzle made us stop and waited for the habal-habal to take us back to JY. It was close to a half hour drive and boy, I almost freaked out throughout the ride because I am not used to riding motorcycles and I am scared stiff that I might fall. Good thing, the whole ride was a breeze and we arrived in JY unscathed! hehehe

That was an awesome and spur-of-the-moment adventure in my book!



I must admit, there were countless times that I doubted myself if I can really make it and like I mentioned, I was on the verge of giving up but a little voice in me told me to push some more and not let the pain get the best of me.

The group also helped me a lot in encouraging me to fight the long distance. Their smiles and seeing them ahead of me made me want to achieve my goal, too. So reaching Governor Leyson’s Peak was totally fulfilling and gave me an ultimate high in the end. Since then, it was so hard for me to stop myself from smiling hehehe…

Until now, I never thought I would achieve this huge feat. In fact, my friend Vanski had been inviting me to run to get in shape since 2009 but I always hesitate and would say no to him. I just didn’t want to admit that I was too afraid and so insecure of my weight issues thinking that I can’t do it. However last year, I realized I need to make an overhaul of my life since I’ve been sickly and so out of shape. So I go to the gym regularly and watch what I eat now. Since then, I’ve been losing weight and I felt lighter and more confident now.

Getting into a healthy lifestyle is definitely the best decision that I’ve made five months ago. With the new change in me, I sometimes surprise myself of the things I am now capable of doing. It’s totally rewarding that now I’M MAKING THINGS HAPPEN…  🙂



On Sunday, February 9, the same group and other DC runners will be having another walk and run adventure and this time we’re aiming for KM29 and that’s 6 more kilometers from our previous record last Sunday. I am so excited to mark another milestone this weekend.

Of course, I’ll update you guys on my KM29 adventure with my newfound running buddies :-)


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  1. Indie shoegazer says: Reply

    Mingaw Nko Balik didto with you all. Nice run beeyee

    1. Last weekend, our road runs crossed my mind, Indie. Makamingaw jud ui ?
      One of the best memories, indeed ? Hope to run with you guys ?

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