Foodtrippin’ : All About Cebu’s Street Food

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Just wanna share something I read from a Cebu magazine which the Radisson Hotel gives to their clients. The mag highlighted 10 Street Foods we can find here in Ceybooo. Here’s an excerpt of the article.

Boho Eating: 10 Intriguing Street Food
by Maricris Encarnacion with Chef Raki Urbina
(Photographs by Erwin Lim)

1. Linarang na Indong – Linarang a slightly sour soup that is more flavorful than tola… this was first popularized in the busy street food haven, Pasil. Indong is a large eel that is bigger than a normal bakasi.

Linarang na Taguntungan, Tola na Pakul
Esmen Carenderia (L Flores St. Pasil)
opens daily 6 am to 2 pm.
price: 55 Php/bowl

2. Fish Ball Soup – the same fish balls deep-fried in boiling oil that you see along the streets but this time these balls are cooked in clear veggie broth instead. This is hit in Plaridel Extension because of its hearty meal.

Fish Ball Soup (Pato/Duck Soup also available)
Mingnan Chinese Cuisine (Plaridel Extension, Carbon)
opens daily 8 am to 10 pm
price: 50 Php/bowl

3. Chicken Barbecue – these grilled skewered chicken parts found in Willer’s are marinated in calamansi EXCEPT in catsup. The barbecue is golden and moist — dipped into their signature spiced vinegar.

Chicken Barbecue and Chicken Skin
Willer’s (Gorordo Ave., Lahug)
Tel. No. 4147770
opens daily 3 pm to 12 mn
price: Chicken bbq 25 Php and Chicken skin 12 Php

4. Lechon Liempo – Balamban’s pork belly is stuffed with herbs, spices and its secret ingredients then grilled over charcoal making it so tender and juicy.

Lechon Liempo
Balamban Liempo (Mang Jun’s Garage, 2590 Tres Borces St.)
Tel No. 231-1288
price: 150 Php/order

5. Manok Bisaya – these native-free range chickens is stewed and boiled to make it tender. In Cebu, these are cooked lechon style, grilled slowly over charcoal. People flock to Baby Layam for this native treat.

Manok Bisaya ala Baby Layam
Conching’s Manok Bisaya (A Soriano St., North Reclamation Area)
Tel. No. 233-9273
opens daily 7 am to 12 mn
price: 220 – 230 Php/chicken

6. Ngohiong – this is an all-veggie battered lumpia with ubod or heart of palm and singkamas or jicama.

Ngohiong (also try their fried chicken)
Doming’s (Fairlane Village, Guadalupe)
Tel. No. 255-7399
opens daily 7:30 am to 1:30 pm
price: 6 Php/piece

7. Ginabot – Cebu’s answer to the Tagalog’s chicharon bulaklak. It is a crispy pork intestine dipped in vinegar. It is totally cholesterol overload because of how it is prepared.

Paren Vic’s Carenderia (L Tudtud St., Mabolo)
Tel. No. 231-0919
opens daily 10 am to 4 am
price: 80 Php/order

8. Balbacua – this is a dish of stewed beef skin in a rich orange-colored peanut-y gelatinous broth. This rich dish originated solely here in Ceybooo.

Balbacua (try also the Pochero, Lansiao/stewed bull’s testicles and phallus and Stewed Head of Goat)
NL Cafe (North Road 6, North Reclamation Area)
Tel No. 268-5727
opens Monday – Saturday 8 am to 9 pm
price: 140 Php/bowl

9. Indian Vegetarian Food – this is a hearty lunch of curried okra, potato and ampalaya or bitter melon served with a warm chapatti. Lunch is served daily from 12 nn to 3 pm in the mini mart.

Indian Veggie Food
Ramsons Mini-Mart (F Gochan St., Mabolo)
Tel No. 268-9145
opens Monday – Saturday 7 am to 7 pm, Sundays 7 am to 3 pm
price: 80 Php/meal

10. Donburi – this Japanese street food is a hit since the owners opened its doors to the foodtrippers to a rather novelty way of eating Jap food. Donburi is one of its best sellers, alongside its sukiyaki.

Donburi and Sukiyaki
Joed’s Lutong Hapon (2131 Regla St., of Juan Luna St., Mabolo)
Tel No. 412-8343
opens Monday to Saturday 12 nn to 2 am, Sundays 6 pm to 2 am

Hope this will heighten your gastronomic urges to the fullest hehehe…

Eat well foodtrippers! Don’t forget to BURP hehehe 

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