Safari Grill and Buho Restaurant

Zoobic Safari
Group 1, Ilanin Forest Adventure Park
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
(047) 252-2272 or 0939-279-1111

Our group arrived in Zoobic Safari just in time for lunch and we were all so famished and thirsty from the long roadtrip that we dashed straight for the restaurant. The whole ambiance and interior was native in terms of their tables and chairs, even their ornaments giving you a Safari-feel as you walked in the restaurant.

It’s food selection is quoted as “Aeta-inspired unique cuisine.” The Filipino dishes are served in buho (young bamboo split in two parts) but when we were there, it was lunch buffet so we were served with native plates with banana leaves on it.

What’s for lunch?


grilled pork belly


chop suey




breaded pork chop


bird’s nest soup

Over-all, Safari Grill and Buho Restaurant is another addition to a grilled restaurant of your choice if by chance you’re going on a trip to Subic. It’s not hard to miss since it’s right in the home of the famous Zoobic Safari. Those food posted don’t justify of the good taste they bring to your discriminating palates. It is better you check their food and for sure in every bite of their yummy treats brings you closer to home where you have Sunday BBQ afternoon with your family.

No wonder so many locals and foreigners flock to this theme park and never fail to drop by this restaurant because of good food, drinks, ambience and their personalized service to every guests. You could never go wrong with Safari Grill and Buho Restaurant 🙂

Score Card: 1 (lowest) -5 (highest)

Food: 4
Service: 5
Cleanliness: 4
Price: 4


** Thanks to the chief manager and reliable food attendants for their warm hospitality during our first visit there in their restaurant. Definitely it wouldn’t be our last 🙂

one of the helpful attendants 🙂

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