Foodtrippin’: Siomai and Adobo sa Tisa

I know many people have blogged and gushed about Siomai sa Tisa years back but it’s interesting to know that it’s only my second time this year to have tasted this crazed street food! I know, where was I the whole time when this became a hit ages ago? LOLs…

Good thing I have friends from namely, Mel (rumil the extremely cute engineer) and Mae (jelousofthe1) who were so kind to invite me in their siomai foodtrip when they learned that I haven’t tried it yet. Unfortunately, my first siomai foodtrip in Tisa wasn’t documented like I always do in every trips I go to because my phone ran out of battery for me to take pictures on that night.

Months flew by and out of the blue, my close friends from work (the TOURed/Niners) and I thought of going to Tisa for another foodtrip just to beat the Wednesday work grind. We tried a different stall along the bustling street of Labangon, “Kuya Jeff’s Siomayan” and next to it is the famous “Adobo sa Tisa”. The busy and crowded stalls reminded me of my first night market experience last December. The aroma, heat and the sight of food made me so hungry that night.

At Kuya Jeff’s Siomayan, I ordered 2 pcs of medium-sized puso (hanging rice), 5 pcs of siomai topped with chili sauce with lemon on the side and a bottle of my fave, Mountain Dew. My dinner that night amounted to a measly -P- 49.00! Sounds like an ideal dinner when you’re on a budget 

Puso (-P- 2.50/piece)


Siomai (-P- 6.00/piece)


Mountain Dew (-P- 14.00/bottle)


Next to the siomai stall, we ordered some delicious helpings of pork adobo and chicharon bulaklak. It’s best that you go there early if you don’t want to wait that long. These pork treats combo only cost us -P- 54.00 in total for double orders each treat.

Pork Adobo (-P- 15.00)


Chicharon Bulaklak (-P- 12.00)


Finally, I have conquered Siomai sa Tisa in full force with my friends for the second time. Boy, the place didn’t fail me the second time around. The siomai still tasted good though not that meaty compared to the ones you can find in dimsum places but with a cheaper price, they still are selling like hotcakes. In addition to the dumpling, you can feast your eyes and cravings on Manong’s Adobo and chicharon bulaklak.

As another novelty food place, here’s my score card:
Food: 4
Service: 3 (the attendants were not that accomodating)
Cleanliness: 4
Price: 4


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