Foodtrippin’: Indulge Yourself with These Treats from Manila!

I was in the middle of savoring my last bite of Lord Stow’s Egg Custards (a pasalubong from my sister who’s based in Manila) that I thought of writing the most indulgent food blog ever written by moi. Since I started to embrace my new passion, writing and gushing about food at the same time online, I never stopped hunting for more delectable delights near and far. LOLs.

Here are some of my favorite yummy treats from Manila which are totally to die (and scream) for! I want to share them to you because with hope you would in time love it as much as I do. So enjoy these treats. Don’t worry drooling over the pics because it’s calorie-free. **smileys**


chocolate crinkles and moist chocolate cake

Since my sister touched base in Manila for her business, she comes home to Cebu on weekends to be with the family and she never leaves Manila without any treats. Hungry Pac’s Moist Chocolate Cake was one of the first pasalubong/s she brought home with her. She knows how much of a choco monster I am so it was the apt thing to surprise me with. And boy, by just the looks of it, you can simply feel the soft texture of the cake and the creamy feel of the choco icing on your tongue which simply melts your senses!

Same goes with its choco crinkles, sans the choco icing on it. In every choco crumb is totally guilt-worthy if you’re dieting.


egg tarts

I’ve tasted a number of egg custards/tarts from different bakeshops but never have I tasted such heavenly delight until I got a fill on these egg tarts! They come in miniature round egg tarts/pies so you can enjoy one piece without having the guilt of finishing off a whole pie. They can be enjoyed right off the oven, fridge or you can reheat these tarts to your whims.

The texture of the crust and the tender creaminess of the egg custard really meshed well in one bite. This is perfect with your favorite blend of coffee.


chocolate covered “shakoy”

In our last few days of summer in Manila, we dropped by Market Market for last minute pasalubong shopping. I was so famished from the whole trip that I tried one of the food stalls. I chanced upon this stall and saw the chocolate-covered bread treats. It made me miss “shakoy” from back home. So I bought a couple and indeed it was fresh from the oven. It’s not like your ordinary twisted bread since it’s covered with chocolate sprinkles. The bicho treat was delicious enough to sustain me right before dinner.

I am no food connoisseur (expert; one who enjoys with discrimination and appreciation of subtleties)* but I know how to spot one good treat after another and not go too technical about it with all the ingredients and processes. So from all these delicacies, I can vouch for my food bloggie that it is definitely worth a try and even a second helping of these treats.


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