Foodtrippin’ : Larangan sa Ramos

Larangan sa Ramos
at the back of Ramos Market

Right after a badminton game with my workmates, we were famished so we went straight to this larangan place which one of my workmates was raving about. I soon found out that it was formerly located right infront of the DOH area in Jones, right across Crown Regency.

Here are some of the delectable novelty treats…

Larangan na pagi – 40 php
Larangan na bakasi – 40 php
Tinowa – 40 php
Paklay (Mandunggo) – 40 php
Lechon Kawali – 45/55 php

I got myself one serving of Mais, paklay and lechon kawali — all for 91php! I was in the middle of my meal and I already felt full because the food was in generous serving. The attendants were so friendly and accommodating when I asked a lot of questions about the dishes. They even had no qualms when I was taking pictures.

As a novelty food place, here’s my score card…

Score Card: 1 (lowest) -5 (highest)
Food: 4
Service: 5
Cleanliness: 4
Price: 4

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