Something Morbid Like My Death

Out of my melancholic state, I started to think about something dark and elusive… my death… I just remembered one of the threads in the forum which asked the peeps how they want to die and other stuffs that entail with it.
So here goes my thoughts…


death — in my sweet slumber


wake — no one will mourn but they will remember me fondly thru my favorite things in life — my fave food will be overflowing every single night at the wake, fave music will be playing, a scrapbook-corner will be present for them to write anything on their fondest memories with moi, fave home videos will be flashed… so everything will be cozy and nostalgic


funeral — eulogies are in proper, my fave gospel music will be played in the ceremony, a symphony quartet should be accompanying, of course and all people present will be wearing a shade of blue (my fave color) and candles will be dominant in the church


final homecoming — at the cemetery, white and blue roses will be surrounding the area for my last hoorah, instead of crying, they will sing along to my fave gospel music and everyone SHOULD SMILE coz I’m a jolly person and last thing I need to see is a sad face.. then as I am finally laid to rest, everybody will be reading my fave verse of my poem (that I have to think over pa)


— morag dili man kaau bongga noh? hahaha… if ever i won’t be here, dapat madaun ni ha ako plano? kung kinsa’y nakaila nako, please tell my family on this one



I want my avatar pic (beach setting) to be blown up and to be placed near my casket coz that’s my fave get-away pic coz it’s in blue hehehe…



to add the scrapbook thingy, I want a video blog too! If they want to share some memories with me in it, they can have it taped in a video plus, there will be a gallery of all my things in display which they can get one item as a keepsake…
instead of the usual black ribbons which my family is accustomed to, i’ll have my friends wear light blue ballers with my mantra, “be happy always… “throughout the wake til the funeral…
after the funeral, all my family and friends will have dinner together and an acoustic band will be playing of my fave music… i want this because i didn’t like what happened in my bro’s funeral.. we went home to an empty and seemingly “quiet” home… wanted a last hurrah after the funeral
… morag dili man kaau elaborate noh? hehehe… to anyone who knows me, please tell my family about this incase they won’t see my diary hehehe
♥ Beyee

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