Status: Rockin’ Single! \m/

What’s so good about being single? the proverbial FREEDOM we basked in glory and enjoy!

Lately I’ve come to appreciate the perks of being single being that I was attached with someone for years and after the status change, I somehow forgot how to be single again LOL.

“Geeez, did I just do that? That was some piece of cake!”

I truly now appreciate being MY own captain and not having to rely on someone else to navigate my sked for the day. Not having to put everything on hold coz the partner might not approve. I don’t have to eat with guilt of the extra rice, salad dressing on the side or have to turn my other cheek so not to be swayed by the extra choco cake displayed on the counter coz the partner would hear none of it. I don’t have to check pound per pound just like Pacman for fear that he would have a sight on my extra flab LOLs.

Now that I have all the time in the world, I can go back to my studies where I left off, I am free to mingle with other peeps and broaden my horizon with these interesting individuals. And I can now rekindle my passion for dancing without having someone to mock me that I’m too old for those mumbo-jumbo crap.

And more importantly, I have my own VOICE back. Gone are the days that I have to take a backseat and keep mum coz it isn’t proper for a lady to have OPINIONS of her own. I couldn’t care less anymore if guys would be intimidated because I speak what I mean and I mean what I speak. Take it or leave it! 

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