Foodtrippin’ : Dong Juan (Emilio Osmeña Street, Guadalupe)

I’ve heard about the place from friends and workmates and always see this place around the corner on my way to work but never got round to try it out for myself.

Fortunately, my Saturday night was free just in time for the Diners’ next foodtrip… whereelse?

Dong Juan!

The whole place was so cozy and the a/c was in full swing which I appreciate it alot!
Classic Christmas carols were playing that night and the place was a full-house, good thing we were able to find good seats (Thanks Vern and Don *smileys*).

The menu has an array of burgers, pasta, other dishes, desserts and drinks.

The mushroom cheeseburger was so juicy and yummylicious in every bite! The whole presentation — burger, crunchy chips, catsup and mushroom slices as side dish — reminds me of the usual American-style diner dishes.

The onion rings were delicious and they’re the best than the ones I’ve tasted in mooon and other burger joints.

The creme brûlée was a delight to my sweet tooth and the sugar rush wasn’t even that overwhelming.

Their famous lemon iced tea and mozzarella sticks (smileys)

The staff was so accommodating, it’s as if they were having their ‘happy drink’ as commented by Beor hehe…

My friends and I left with a big smile on our faces and well-pampered tummies — all that for a reasonable price!

Definitely I’ll be coming back for more!

Score Card: 1 (lowest) -5 (highest)
Food: 4
Service: 5
Cleanliness: 4
Price: 4

Kudos Aubrey and to your hubby for your yummy endeavour 


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