What the Gin Blossoms Failed to Sing Last Night

While the others are in high spirits watching last night’s Gin Blossoms concert, I was keeping my fingers crossed aniticipating for that special song from one of their albums.

Song after song, I hung on to my last hope that I could hear them play the song. Unfortunately they failed to sing it until their last encore of Wave Bye Bye.

So when I was in the comforts of my home, I instantly played “If You’ll Be Mine” over and over. That completed my Gin Blossoms party night! 

If you’re going to ask me what is so special about the song?

It may not be in the mainstream but it sure is one hella song. It’s like Gins’ one little secret and only a few can get to discover this special keepsake. I’m blessed to have found this and I’m going to share it with you tonight.


Someone hurt you bad 
when you were just a kid 
And though it’s been awhile
you still feel the worst of it
No matter how hard you might try
you just can’t seem to let it go
So you hid your heart away 
that’s a temporary fix 
Then you built your tower high 
with your own hands brick by brick 
Never ever holding out hope.
There might be someone, somewhere,
baby let down your hair
I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine 
Throw the rope and watch me climb 
Rung by rung into the sky
We wont fall cause we can fly
And I’ll be yours if, you’ll be mine 
Don’t be a victim of chance
We can still beat this old circumstance
In your heart you know it’s true 
There is so much more for you to do 
I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine
Throw the rope and watch me climb
Rung by rung into the sky
We wont fall cause we can fly 
And I’ll be yours if, you’ll be mine 
I’ll be yours if, you’ll be mine

This song is perfect for those who had lost hope in opening their hearts’ desires to love again… for those who had enough of all the pains and heartaches love brought them in the past… and for those who have given up and refused to take chances with someone anew.

Love isn’t that bad as you deemed it to be. It still uplifts us and makes us better people. If you only set yourself free and not end up victims of ones past.

Who knows around the corner, someone is just waiting for you to open up and take that chance with him/her.

And in the end, THAT ONE will say,

“I’ll be yours, if you’ll be mine…”


some snippits..
to someone out there…

“I’m the girl of your dreams masquerading as your bestfriend… so much easier to live in a lie rather than scaring you away. My Dad told me, there are two types of girls — the ones you grow out of and the ones you grow into… I really hope I’m the latter… I may not be the one you love today but I will let you go for now hoping one day you’ll find your way back to me… coz I believe you’re worth the wait…” – SMALLVILLE ♥

lyrics: http://www.metrolyrics.com/if-you-ll-be-mine-lyrics-gin-blossoms.html

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