What I Did Last Summer of 2009

I was nursing a broken heart months ago and I was so dead bent on looking for a diversion so as not to wallow in my foolish self-pity mood again. Luckily, I chanced upon the 6-Day Poetry Challenge which spearheaded by our dear Evening Spark and I dared myself to write again.

I was surprised that I came up with a good start letting out my pains and miseries over someone and I felt great afterwards… So throughout the summer, I underwent a total cleansing of my melancholic feelings until I felt more renewed and close to being healed…

So here’s my so-called melancholic therapy last summer…

by Beyee

begging to be loved
i cry like a child for you 
in the dark i bleed

here i am waiting
my heart waits for you only
wishing and hoping

weeks and months gone by
no sign of you nor a glimpse
could this be the end?


by Beyee

Living in your so-called ‘sugar-coated’ half-truths
Imaginative and so believable, with your
Evil eyes piercing through my soul
So painful and searing through my heart

Led me to this sick cycle, you trapped me
In constant fear and doubt
Ever wanting to break free from
Someone so cunning as you

Let go of me 
I beg of you, please don’t
Ever lure me into your trap again
So my heart can mend


MASQUERADE (a tyburn)
By Beyee





Look into his sneaky, creepy eyes,

You’ll see a dreary, lonely disguise.


by Beyee

Heart and mind, together
Yielding to your game of seduction.

This ghastly nightmare, ruthless yet sweet deception
Helpless, I surrender to this mad obsession.

Then, I turned and walked away from you
Though I’m with someone new,
I miss you.


by Beyee

It was not too long ago I found my summer breeze
Summer breeze
Caught unaware, oh my summer breeze
You came as a big surprise 
To me, making my face glow
You make my heart sing in rhymes
Filling my days with slow
Summer breeze.

Day and night with you, oh summer breeze
Summer breeze
You’ve brighten my dark gray skies, summer breeze
Into myriads of dazzling, 
bright colors of rainbow
which sends me to euphoric bliss 
No room for sorrow, oh
Summer breeze.

Dark clouds started to hover, oh summer breeze
Summer breeze
I waited for you, my summer breeze
Did the dark clouds block you? Or
Have you found someone new?
Tell me now and end this 
Am I going to lose you,
Summer breeze.


by Beyee

Eyes wide shut
I see you haunting me
Ever present in my lucid dreams
Daunting, sucking me back to your life.

In my bittersweet slumber
You held me in captive to a world so exotic
So strikingly mysterious
A fleeting memory that lingers
So brief that I couldn’t even grasp what’s real right before me.

In my waking moment, after fifty-nine grueling days, I’m still here
In constant search of the elusive eyes so dear
Those beloved hazel eyes I’ve been longing to see
But it’s been eight tough weeks, I spent exhausting myself
Endlessly like a lovesick puppy,
I wait and bleed for the next twilight to come and rescue me
When will you ever save me?


Thanks to the PP crew who made my summer a therapeutic one… 

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