Foodtrippin’ : Pancake House – Times Street, Quezon City

Before we had our dinner, we had to travel from the cargo-airport to get the lechon from Cebu and drop it off in Times Street, where my sister is attending a party. (Her friend lives next-door with newly-elected Pres. Noynoy Aquino hehehe) Right after the long drive, the kids and I were so hungry so the next best thing was to have our dinner somewhere nearby. We opted for Pancake House since the kids love the food so much.

I had tried the restaurant ages ago here in SM Cebu and loved their choco chip pancake which I ordered for desserts hehehe… Looking at their menu, they got some interesting array of supermeals/solo meals and their desserts as well. So here’s what we ordered.

Roast Beef (soo tender and juicy), salad (love the caesar dressing)
their chicken was fresh and crispy, alright but I still prefer our very own Sunburst
I love their carbonara! So creamy, their pasta was well-cooked and the bacon bits are just perfect!
their molo soup was a-ok for my taste (sorry, I’m a bouillabaisse fanatic hehehe) but my nephew loved it..
My niece ordered this taco to go so I haven’t tasted it. It’s her favorite so I have a slight clue that it was good.
I ate this banana split right before my roast beef meal (as a foodtripper, I always eat my desserts first hehehe). Love the extra whipped cream and choco syrup meshing well with the nuts and the scoops of icecream!
My all-time fave, choco chip pancakes… I always love this coz the choco chip gives a certain flavor-surprise in every bite of your pancakes and the peanut butter is just so perfect with the whole creation hehehe
My niece ordered this choco marble pancake and I must say it’s also good…

Over-all, Pancake House is another version of the bread house which will transform you into Hansel and Gretel who went gaga of its every treat coz it is sooo gastronomically gratifying! *smiles* The only thing that would burst your bubble is the price factor. It’s too pricey for a sugar overload or if you want a simple meal.

Score Card: 1 (lowest) -5 (highest)
Food: 4
Service: 4
Cleanliness: 4
Price: 3

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